Tailored Tours of Scotland



Tailored Tours offers high quality, personalised tours of Scotland. Lord Gray will guide you through some of the most beautiful scenery and share with you the best of Scotland’s rich history and culture.

There are the Highlands, an area of great natural beauty, steeped in history, with wild mountains and tranquil lochs. Contrasting with this is the cultural and architectural heritage of  the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. With my family’s own history and my personal knowledge , I will give you a picture of Scotland as it was over past centuries and how it has evolved to the present day. My tours are select and exclusive; the service can be tailored to your specific needs and interests. I will work with you, putting together itineraries that will include the most spectacular scenery and unique places of historic interest.

Lord Gray giving a tour at Inveraray Castle

German and French spoken.

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Glenfinnan, Scotland


“Andrew was terrific. He made everything so easy and interesting.”  Nancy Sykes

“The level of expertise Andrew brings to Scotland lifts it above the normal visit. He provides access you would not otherwise enjoy and I cannot recommend him enough.”  Karen Kylik, Covington Travel