Tailored Tours of Scotland


2017 Review of the Season

I just want to start by getting a quick apology out of the way. Regular and strategic promotion of my online presence is not my strongest suit yet this facility to enable me to post updates was designed to make things easy. Lack of discipline to sit down for a few minutes each month to share news may be the only excuse !

With all that said, I have had a busy and enjoyable season of touring in 2017. Indeed I did usually manage to keep my own travel diary in the course of the various trips and it has been both fun and encouraging to look back over these past months. I have covered most points of the compass and ventured from the North-West tip of Skye, to Durness on the North Coast, to St. Andrews & The East Neuk of Fife and even as far South as Manchester – yes, I realise this is not in Scotland – with the Edinburgh, Glasgow and many other places in between.

It has been my luck and privilege to meet some very interesting people. With those folk on the longer trips, it has been a bonus to get to know them a bit better. Whether it has been ancestral family links that have brought people to Scotland or more generally a certain curiosity or fascination with an image of some rugged landscape & the brooding history of the warring Clans, it seems this beautiful country draws people to it strongly. So the conversations we have along the way, comparing our cultural or linguisitic differences, the way society in our rural regions has evolved and the way the various tribes, groups or clans have contributed to the melting pot of present-day Scotland all these make the touring the positive experience that it is for me – and I hope all my clients.

With the snowdrops now providing a wonderful display, I am looking forward to this year’s trips.