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Deep and Crisp and Even….

Well, Good King Wenceslas has come and gone,The Three Kings have left their gifts and we have arrived in this New Year with all its possibilities, despite the challenges, the anxiety and the normality of life that we sometimes take for granted being turned on its head.

As with the city dweller who may be so focused on the routine of their journeys to and from office & home that they habitually forget to look upwards and really take in the wonderful jumble of architecture on the skyline so with those of us living in the ‘rural idyll’, we too can forget to slow down in our own way, simply to stand there and take in the majestic beauty of the landscape all around us; And I AM biased, blessed as we are to live in this glorious corner of Scotland. Recently we have indeed enjoyed our share of the deep snow (at least on the mountains); the crisp days of sharp frost; the even stillness and beauty of the cold.

I still want to travel in Scotland and beyond these shores. I still want to meet new people who have travelled to Scotland and share the experience with them. To share my reflections, ideas, knowledge and experience of this land, its people, its culture, its history then in turn learn about the land, people, culture and history of their own homes.

The immediate future, in terms of the next few months, looks a little uncertain but I have faith in our health services and scientists so I hold onto the earnest hope that we will see the return of those who have planned to visit this land, this unique and beautiful Scotland.

Oh yes – if you care to take a look on Instagram you may see my handful of posts, sharing some images of my West Highland surroundings…you should find them under Tailored Tours ( Tour Guide ) I hope these may interest or inspire you to consider a future visit; you won’t be disappointed !